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Composer Mark Menza has been writing, arranging and producing music for over 20 years. Menza Music was founded with a focus on scoring to picture offering composing, sound design, audio postproduction, music supervision, and audio production for all types of media. Mark has worked on the animated franchise, Jimmy Neutron the Motion Picture, [Paramount, Nickelodeon films], and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron TV series as a post supervisor; The Ant Bully Feature [Warner Bros], DragonBallGT, and Wishbone [PBS]. In 2014 he completed the Ballet ‘Colin’ for the Manassas Ballet Theater. A 70 plus minute work for full orchestra that premiered in November of 2014. Additionally he has scored numerous films, documentaries, as well as a spectrum of TV and radio commercials.

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selected composing credits
mark menza, composer


The Ant Bully – composer & audio post, 7 interstitials, DNA Productions, Warner Bros. Playtone,Cartoon Network
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius –  composer, 13 interstitials. DNA Productions, Nickelodeon Networks
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron – audio post supervisor, season one Nickelodeon Networks
Dragon Ball GT  – composer 64 episodes, Funimation Productions
Beet: The Vandal Buster – Illumitoon, 26 episodes, Barry Watson producer
Wishbone – PBS/Lyrick Studios composer, various episodes
Compromising Situations – Main title theme, Showtime Networks


Winning Girl, feature documentary – composer, Making Waves Films, Kimberlee Bassford Director,PIC, CPB
The Ant Bully, feature – animatic audio post supervisor, DNA Productions, Playtone Productions, Warner Bros.
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, feature – music editor, DNA Productions, Paramount Pictures
Dream Big, short – composer, Carmen Menza Director
Pidgin:The Voice of Hawai’i, feature documentary- audio post, Marlene Booth Director
Help Me First, short, composer, sound design, audio post, Mike Gasaway Director
Room Tone, short – composer, audio post –  Mark Whittier Director
Your Move, short – composer, audio post – Nick Gibbons Writer Director
Eye Of The Storm,  feature documentary- composer, Bill Dackman Producer
Killer Sexy, short – composer, audio post, Shirley Thompson Producer/Director
Malebox, short – composer Shirley Thompson producer/director
Emale, short –composer, audio post supervisor, Idea Ranch, Bryan Harston producer/director


Jimmy Neutron – Runaway Rocketboy – Pilot, composer, DNA Productions
Jimmy Neutron – 7 interstitials, composer, Nickelodeon Networks
Owlegories – series,  composer, audio post, Owlegories Film Partners, Tom Boto, Keith Alcorn directors
How To Alamo – Alamo Draft House Theaters, composer, Todd Fechter director
Legal Shield – 7 shorts, composer, audio post,Level 2, Greg Ring Producer.
Don’t Tell My Wife I’m A Cult Leader – composer, audio post, Todd Steinberg Director
Rigg R Reet, short, composer, sound design – Todd Fechter director
Frightlite, short, composer, sound design – Todd Fechter, Eric Farrar directors
Story Of Animation, short, composer, sound design – David Tart Director
Dragon Ball GT : The Movie A Hero’s Legacy, DVD Feature, composer –  Funimation Productions
Dragon Ball Z – 6 direct to DVD Features, composer – Funimation Productions
Jingaroo Children’s’ series, composer, & audio post,  Beckett Entertainment, CR Conant producer

Commercial Broadcast Music

Cook Children’s  – award winning TV & Radio 2 years running
Sinclair “100 Years” – TV &, radio spot
United Regional Hospitals -TV, & Radio campaign, 3 years running
Fast’s Signs – multiple campaigns, multiple years –  TV, Radio, web
Bairds Bread – “Wheat In The Heart Of Texas”
McDonald’s – “Intermission” Green Grass Studios
Pier 1 “Sun-believable” – Reveal Productions
Pier 1 “Good Golly Let’s Get Jolly” – Reveal Productions
Omni Hotels, resorts, Avera Foster
LaCreme Creamer – TV campaign
Ambit – “I Switched”, TV – Reveal Productions
Kimble Art Museum, Fort Worth – multiple campaigns – Broken Films
St. Paul’s Hospital – campaign, Glass Lake Production Group
and much more . . .


Colin – Full length ballet for full orchestra, Manassas Ballet Theatre, Amy Wolfe choreographer
Refugee – Score for: The Theory Of Chance, Carmen Menza Artist
Sundance Square – corporate audio brand
Oncor – corporate audio brand

Countless bespoke web and corporate video scores, songs, and music for live events.



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